200 Hindu Families From Pakistan Reach India, Grand Reception on Wagah Border

200 Hindu Families From Pakistan Reach India, Grand Reception on Wagah Border

Following the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act in Parliament by India's current government, numerous Pakistani families have begun crossing the Wagah border with all of their possessions.

Only individuals who arrived in India before December 31, 2014, are eligible for citizenship under the Citizenship Amendment Act. Despite this, around 200 Hindu families from Pakistan have entered India on tourist visas across the Wagah border.

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According to reports in the media, all Pakistani families that crossed the Wagah border into India were granted tourist visas following the passage of the new law.

However, because of the way these folks entered India on foot with their belongings, it is thought that they would all be able to seek for Indian citizenship. Tourist visas are still given to those who come to meet family or other persons in India for a set length of time.

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Although it is too early to conclude that these people have come to India to settle, it is likely that they will be able to stay in India and seek for citizenship before the end of their visa period. According to sources, it is impossible to determine whether these individuals are real visitors at this time, although such a large group of families is unusual.

Tourist visa holders typically bring a suitcase or a bag into India.

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