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Writing for The Indian Hawk is a feature for visitor journalists & our dear readers to expound on issues applicable to both Indian and Global Defence. 

Are you a newbie writer? Do you have story ideas but are hesitant to write them or have writer’s block? Do you have a flair for writing, have a sound analytical insight, aren’t afraid of criticism then The Indian Hawk is the right platform to connect with.

Please note that The Indian Hawk is a highly professional and dedicated defence news website and we do not publish unrelated articles or content that is plagiarized/ copied from other sources.

The article must be at least 450+ words. Any relevant images for your post will be published by us. We’re not interested in articles that are not properly assessed or analysed, or slapped together in a few minutes.

Please write your original content. We look forward to hearing from you!

Categories Accepted:   Defence Articles/ Indian, global, Weapons, ships, missiles, Tanks, Submarines, Air crafts, Indian defence personnel biographies, War heroes, social activists Fitness, Yoga, etc.