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KALI: Everything About The Secret Beam Weapon Of India

kali weapon india

On May 23(2020), A US Navy warship had successfully tested a new high-energy laser weapon that can destroy aircraft mid-flight, the Navy's Pacific Fleet said. That was discussed all over the world though India also has a weapon that is way too dangerous than the United States's version of  Energy Directed  Weapons. 

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KALI the Secret Weapon

India has designed a top-secret weapon, KALI, which will be an answer to any uninvited missile aimed to disturb the peace of India. KALI stands for Kilo Ampere Linear Injector. 

The weapon is designed so that it can be used to destroy missiles and aircraft through soft-kill. But before exploring this, let's look at its invention and incorporation.

Countries like Pakistan and China, which have continuous border disputes with India; also have sufficient information regarding Weapon KALI and its development but they don't openly discuss it. It is believed that they fear it, even Pakistani news channels blame India for the Siachen Glacier avalanche of 2012 when reportedly 135 Pakistani soldiers were buried alive and many injured.

Although India is a superpower, It has the fourth-largest military, one of the best infantry that can operate in any terrain or region, lightning-fast air crafts and fighter jets and multi-functional submarines and naval vessels. 

However, let’s Imagine an attack on India.

Enemy fighter planes and missiles are departing for an attack from both the eastern and western borders. The squadron of tanks on the border of Rajasthan is progressing for the attack. The batches of naval ships are advancing. Also Read: Indian Army To Receive Made-In-India’ ‘Kalyani M4’ Armored Vehicles

Then, All of sudden, a ray of lights sparkles, and all the enemy tanks, fighter aircraft, warships, and missiles are swept off into a circle of fire. This is how Weapon KALI is operated. Now you may think that it's just a myth or story, but this is all true.

KALI Weapon Full Form

India's top-secret weapon 'KALI' i.e. Kilo Ampere Linear Injector can surprise the world with such functionality.

Durga India's Secret Weapon 

India is building a secret weapon Durga which has some working condition where some change still needs to be taken as it is an updated version for the KALI weapon. The DURGA will be the ultimate weapon that comes to action.

kali weapon drdo

Strength of 'KALI'

'KALI' is a super-powerful defender of India. This can defeat any enemy attack. The term KALI refers to one of the most prominent Hindu Goddesses. The literal meaning of it is “The Goddess of Destruction”. In front of it, enormous tanks, advanced fighter aircraft, and exceptional missiles have no meaning at all, as it will silence them instantly.

Any modern armament, machine, or jet that has an electronic chip, circuit, or any other kind of wireless technology can be destroyed in a moment.  Also Read: Hindustan Shipyard to build 5 naval support vessels with Turkish help

In addition to missiles and fighters, it can also hit and destroy the drones, such as drone-armed, armed aircraft and even the satellite moving in space.

Working Mechanism of KALI the Secret Weapon

India's all-powerful Weapon 'KALI' is the storm-generating device of electromagnetic waves. This bombards huge flashes within seconds. Malfunctioning any electronic device coming in contact with these ray flashes.

Fighter aircraft, tanks, missiles, drones, and satellites have a variety of circuits and electronic chips. And after they are hit by the beams of KALI these devices will stop working due to the strike of electromagnetic waves. 

Since these sophisticated machines will become a pile of junk in a jiffy. These armaments will explode because of the electronics and chips inside them.  Also Read: Russia's S-400 Missile Defense System is Best, U.S. Firm Stratfor's Claim

Large amounts of energy can be stored in small packets inside 'KALI'. And then after charging, these energy packets can be thrown at their targets at any time with one blow as a beam. 

To understand its functioning smoothly, examine warily at the domestic capacitor or a condenser in which the energy is collected.

The stroke of this causes a shock of current. In the same way, devices like capacitors that store large amounts of energy are installed in KALI. Which does collect the energy, and then the enemy's electronic equipment can be disabled by jamming them with this energy injector.

Important Facts About KALI (Kilo Ampere Linear Injector)

  • India's one of the most powerful weapons or defences.
  • Able to destroy the enemy's sophisticated weapons, vessels, aircraft.
  • Any sort of electronic chip installed on the devices can be terminated.
  • China and Pakistan do apprehend this lethal weapon.
  • KALI's full name is Kilo Ampere Linear Injector.
  • It has been developed jointly by B.A.R.C. and D.R.D.O.

How It Was Invented

The inventor of 'KALI' is Dr R. Chidambaram, former director of Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC). He had intended to prepare it in the year 1985 only. But after doing thorough preparations, he started working on it in the year 1989.

Dr R. Chidambaram

Work has been improving continuously on this for the last three decades. In the meantime, many versions of it have been prepared. First 'KALI-80' was developed, after which 'KALI-200', then 'KALI-5000' and now 'KALI-10000' has been developed. 

Both BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center) and DRDO (Defense Science and Research organization) are connected in the process of the Production & Development of Top-Secret Weapon 'KALI'.

In the early version of 'KALI', one gigabyte (1 GB) of electromagnetic waves per nanosecond was operated. But until the last information, the most advanced design of Top Secret weapon 'KALI' used emits up to 40 gigawatts of energy(40 GW) waves in 100 milliseconds.

 This can suppress the enemy's biggest and sophisticated weapons all in a flash of light. Also Read: Helina, Dhruvastra ATGMs Successfully Test Fired

KALI Secret Weapon of India

The government of India has not officially released any statement about the Secret weapon 'KALI' and its firepower. Right now only the primary information about it has come out. This project is so important for India's defense capability that the government refused to give information about it in Parliament. 

According to information received from the news agency PTI, on 14 July 2018, a question related to KALI-5000 was asked in the Lok Sabha(House of the People, is the lower house of India's bicameral Parliament), 'Is there any proposal to include KALI-5000 in the Defense Department of the country, if yes, it should be told about it?

 But the then Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar refused to give any information about this, citing the national security which was an absolutely responsible reply to the question.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar refused to give any information about KALI

But it was clear from his answer that India's secret firearm 'KALI' is not just a rumor but really exists and even the work is also going on it.

Actually 'KALI' was first prepared to experiment on the aircraft. But considering its capabilities, it was later decided to produce it into a defense. It is so devastating that it can destroy any attacker coming from water, land, and sky.

This is the reason that countries like China and Pakistan that are the contestants of India does shiver with fear whenever they apprehend the name of 'KALI'.

KALI 5000 India Secret Weapon: Fact or Fiction

  • Yes, the project is so real. It weighs around 10 -25 tons. 
  • Consumes a lot of power and requires a cooling tank of 12,000 liters of oil. 
  • Recharging time is quite high as of now it cannot be used on a battlefield.
  • KALI or Kilo Ampere Linear Injector similar to an EMP. 
  • It can damage or disrupt electronic components. 
  • KALI is a non-Nuclear device.

Range Of this Secret Weapon

This system can detect and jam micro-drones from a distance of up to 3 kilometers away, as well as engage a target at a range of 1-1.25 kilometers. India is also said to have created a device known as KALI, or “kilo ampere linear injector,” which is a linear electron accelerator used to target long-range missiles.

Weapon Test: A Brief Introduction

India's the fighting weapon being worked on which can stop rockets, air crafts, for satellites with an electric circuit inside it.

KALI was created by keeping a modern attitude yet later when the designers comprehended the incredible capability of KALI as a weapon, they investigated further into the subject and now they are moving in the direction of completing it. 

It is intended to work so that if a rocket is launched toward India, it will rapidly transmit astounding beats of Relativistic Electrons Beams (REB). 

Is Kali Weapon Real? Does China Know About This?

Wikipedia describes weapon K.A.L.I. as an electron accelerator and states that it is designed to work in such a way that if an enemy missile is launched towards India, it will quickly emit powerful pulses of Relativistic electron beam and destroy the target. Unlike laser beams, it does not bore a hole in the target but thoroughly damages the on-board electronic systems. It is supposedly already operational from a hidden location.

Scientists say that it can potentially be used as a beam weapon. Bursts of microwaves packed with gigawatts of power produced by this machine, when aimed at enemy missiles and aircraft will cripple their electronic system and computer chips and bring them down right away.

The History of Weapon

The underlying foundations of the KALI test reach out back to 1985 when the Director of BARC, Dr.R Chidambaram thought of building an electron quickening machine. 

The task began in 1989 and was planned to deliver electron vibrations of around 100 nano seconds term with a vitality of 1 Mega electron volt (1 MeV). 

This electron pillar itself can be utilized for welding purposes. These Relativistic Electron Beams (REB) along these lines produced will be utilized for the age of High Power Microwaves (HPM) and Flash X Rays (FXR).  Also Read: Final Production Batch of LRSAM Missiles Flagged Off

The principal accelerating agents had an intensity of ~0.4GW, which expanded as later forms were created. These were the K.A.L.I. 80, K.A.L.I. 200, K.A.L.I. 1000, K.A.L.I. 5000 and K.A.L.I. 10000. 

KALI Weapon System Was Commissioned in 2004.

Structure and Significant Developments

The KALI arrangement (KALI 80, KALI 200, KALI 1000, KALI 5000, and KALI 10000) of accelerating instruments are depicted as "Single Shot Pulsed Gigawatt Electron Accelerators". They are single-shot gadgets, utilizing water-filled capacitors to assemble the charge vitality. 

  • The release is in the scope of 1GW.
  •  At the first beginning with 0.4GW force, present accelerating instruments can arrive at 40GW. 
  • Heartbeat time is around 60 ns. 
  • The Microwave radiations produced by the KALI-5000 are in the 3–5 GHz Range.

The KALI-5000 is a pulse accelerating weapon of 1 MeV electron vitality, 50-100 ns beat time, 40kA Current, and 40 GW Power level. 

The framework is very cumbersome too, with the KALI-5000 gauging 10 tons, and the KALI-10000, gauging 26 tons.  Also Read: KALI: India's Weapon To Destroy Any Uninvited Missiles And Aircrafts

They are likewise very energy consuming, and require a cooling tank of 12,000 liters of oil. Reviving time is likewise too long to even consider making it a suitable weapon in its current structure. 

Heartbeat explosion framework is a precisely more straightforward motor in contrast with the gas turbine motor, wherein the ignition wave goes at supersonic rates comparative with the unburnt fuel-oxidizer blend. It uses redundant explosions of the fuel-oxidizer blend to deliver push. 

For flying frameworks, in any case, explosion requires a long cylinder length to oblige the required measure of vitality input. TBRL has been chipping away at the framework to lessen the length of the motor with the goal that it tends to be applied in frameworks like UAVs and different rockets frameworks also.

 "To decrease motor length, appropriate gadgets are utilized which lessen the length of the cylinder required for the progress from deflagration to the explosion. A test of the rig was planned and set up for directing investigations with fluid fuel-air blends," the paper included.  Also Read: Why T-90 Tanks Are The ‘Most Feared’ Weapon In The Indian Armoury Against China: US Military Analyst Explains

"Creating indigenous heartbeat explosion innovation is a major accomplishment for Indian researchers. This innovation is significant for the voyage, against transport rocket and UAVs which will be utilized in controlling rate and eco-friendliness of the rocket or automatons," Rajiv Nayan, a rocket innovation master said. 

The Applications of Weapon KALI

The KALI has been put to different utilizations by the DRDO. The DRDO was associated with designing the KALI for their use. It can be even used as an Anti-satellite weapon by making it flawless with some medium-range rocket and it may be an accurate response to the Chinese unfriendly satellites and rockets.

The X-beams produced are being utilized in Ballistics research as an illuminator for ultrahigh-speed photography by the Defense Ballistics Research Institute (DBRL) in Chandigarh. The Microwave outflows are utilized for EM Research.   Also Read: Why the IAF wants the S-400 missile | Defence Insights

The microwave-creating adaptation of Kali has additionally been utilized by the DRDO researchers for testing the helplessness of the electronic frameworks of the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), which was then being worked on. 

It has additionally helped in planning electrostatic shields to "solidify" the LCA and rockets from microwave assault by the foe just as ensuring satellites against lethal Electromagnetic Impulses (EMI) produced by atomic weapons and other enormous unsettling influences, which "charred" and wreck electronic circuits.

Electronic segments right now utilized in rockets can withstand fields of approx. 300 V/cm, while the fields in the event of EMI assault arrive at a large number of V/cm. 

The U.S. Air Force and Boeing have declared an electromagnetic heartbeat weapon "CHAMP (Counter-equipment High-energized Microwave Advanced Missile Project)" reported Military Embedded Systems. In the midst of the test, a champ rocket successfully debilitated its target by ending an amazing microwave at a two-story building stacked with PC and distinctive equipment.  Also Read: Tejas and Defence Indigenisation: Significance of Internal Balancing

Every PC inside went diminish inside second, as did the structures entire electrical system. 

The test was fruitful to the point that it even injured all cameras recording the event. Through the range of an hour, the champ rocket pounded out electrical systems at seven objective structures, with basically no after-effect. 

Its capacity to transmit improbable pulses of electrons and the transformation of electron vitality into E.M. Radiation fuelled the expectations that the KALI could be utilized in a High-Power Microwave weapon.  Also Read: KA-226T Utility Chopper Has 33% Indigenous Content: HAL

The critical issues are to make it directional as electromagnetic heartbeat sway are non-directional. We have to make the aircraft/UAVs introduced electronic apparatus adequately harder to help or evade the EMP delivered to disable the foe's electronic equipment. A relative confirmation structure may have been used as a piece of CHAMP. 

The EMP sway should not impact the correspondence with the base. This advancement must be used toward the start of a war or at a second that there is exact intel of a nuclear attack from the adversary. 

Notwithstanding, use of KALI in the guard field will take some time. The framework is as yet being worked on, and endeavors are being made to make it progressively minimized, just as to improve its energized time, which, at the present, makes it just a solitary use framework.  Also Read: Defence ministry signs Rs 2,580 cr deal to procure Pinaka rocket launchers

There are additional issues with making a total framework, which would require advancement of a lot more parts. 


India is accepted to have just directed an effective test. There had been unverified reports reprimanding India for the Siachen icy mass torrential slide in 2012 which has caused the demise of around 135 Pakistani troopers which the sources guarantee because of KALI's fruitful test softening the hard ice sheets. 

There have been reports of putting the weaponized KALI in an IL-76 airplane as an airborne safeguard framework.  Also Read: Indian Army Could Get Carbines From Uae Soon, Deal in Final Stages of Confirmation

Administration of India has denied giving any data on this task because of its affectability for national security.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is India building a secret weapon called Durga?
DRDO Building ‘Directed Energy Weapons’ Which Can Dismantle Ariel Targets Without A Shot Being Fired. The Most Famous is KALI Weapon, While Weapon Durga will be the ultimate version of it

Is India's KALI weapon real? If so, what is the damage it can do?
This weapon is not fiction, but it really exists and can stop missiles, air crafts, enemy satellites anything that has an electric circuit inside it. KALI stands for Kilo Ampere Linear Injector. 

Do India have secret weapons?
Yes, but we can't spill the defence secrets. And to be honest we don't have enough information either.

What are the chances that India has successfully tested the KALI weapon and keeping it a secret?
India has already developed a working model of it and has been using it for various purposes. Check the BARC article Development of High Power Pulsed Electron Accelerators.

Is Kali Weapon Real?
Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre are developing the KALI (Kilo Ampere Linear Injector), a linear electron accelerator (BARC). It is said to be capable of using directed-energy weapons.

What Is Kali Indian Weapon?
India has invented KALI, a top-secret weapon that would retaliate to any unwanted missile aimed at disrupting India's peace.

What Countries Allow Weapons?
There are a lot of firearms in a lot of nations. Serbia, Yemen, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia are among the countries having the most guns. Only three countries, Mexico, Guatemala, and the United States, have a constitutional right to keep and bear weapons.

How Kali Weapon Works?
It generates extremely powerful electron pulses. Further components deeper down the line transform the electron energy into electromagnetic radiation (EM radiation), which may be tuned to x-ray or microwave frequencies.

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