China Extends Helping Hands For Spain Amid Corona Crisis

China Extends Helping Hands For Spain Amid Corona Crisis

Coronavirus Pandemic has brought the nations on the backfoot, Every day there is a steep increment in the infected cases and the death toll.

However, In Spain, the situation is worsening due to the Coronavirus. The death toll there now exceeds four thousand.

With this, Spain has left behind China in terms of the death toll. Spain has now come in second place after Italy in terms of deaths.

More than 57 thousand people in Spain are corona positive. The worst condition is in the capital Madrid.

But in Catalonia, located in the north-eastern part, cases are increasing rapidly. According to the government, the Spanish Deputy Prime Minister has also been hit by the virus.

Spain is struggling to cope with the Corona crisis. The army has been deployed in an attempt to handle the situation. The situation is so serious that the soldiers found that in some places there is no one to take care of the old people and some old people were found dead on their beds.

It can be understood from these events that Spain is going through a very bad phase. The government there is trying its best to deal with this problem.

China Extends Helping Hands For Spain Amid Corona Crisis
Chinese President Xi-Jinping And King Felipe VI of Spain

China extends a helping hand

Now China has extended a helping hand towards Spain. China claims that it has controlled the risk of coronavirus by itself and now wants to help other countries.

The Chinese government has announced that it will give a fly kit to 82 countries.

According to Mission China to the EU, Chinese President Xi Jinping emailed King Philip VI of Spain and said that “China is willing to share its experience and therapeutic solutions with Spain. China will make every effort to help Spain.” ” Xi also said that this challenge can be dealt with integrity.

Xi Jinping also spoke to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on the phone on Tuesday evening and spoke of all kinds of cooperation and help from China.

Xi emphasized that the steps are taken for the hard work, caution, and control of our entire country have yielded positive results to China and China has now come out of the most difficult stage.

Xi said, “Sunlight always comes only after the rain.”

He hoped that the friendship between Spain and China would be stronger and that the future of bilateral relations would be further golden after dealing with the epidemic.

In response, the Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez also said that Spain and China have always been supporting and helping each other and are together in combating this epidemic.

According to China’s official news agency Xinhua, China has sent help to Spain. 50 thousand face masks sent by China, 10 thousand protective suits, 10 thousand protective glasses, 10 thousand surgical gloves reached the Spanish capital of Madrid on 22 March.

Earlier on March 12, China sent a consignment of medical supplies to help Italy and Spain. According to a tweet from the Chinese Embassy in Madrid, it contained 18 lakh masks.

According to Xinhua and Reuters, the plane landed at the airport in Rome, Italy’s capital, had a nine-member team of China medical experts and tons of medical supplies. The team that went to the expert went on behalf of the National Health Commission of China and the Red Cross Society of China.

He took with him more than 700 equipment and accessories, including ventilators, monitors and defibrillators.

After landing from the plane, a team member told the media, “We brought here 30 sets of ICU equipment.”

A large number of Chinese citizens live in Spain. This is also a reason why the Chinese government is looking forward to Spain’s help.

According to Xinhua, recently, large Chinese companies have donated millions of masks for Spain and many other companies have committed to providing medical goods. For which King Philip VI of Spain thanked him.

To help further, a train running between Madrid from China’s Xinjiang province will be used.

The Spanish government has declared a state of emergency to deal with the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus.

China Extends Helping Hands For Spain Amid Corona Crisis
Medical Supervision of Corona Virus

Spain will buy medical supplies from China

The number of patients in hospitals in Spain is increasing steadily. Due to which his health system has come under pressure.

According to the Financial Times, Spain has announced that it is buying 432 million euros of medical equipment from China.

The Health Minister of Spain said that it will have more than 550 million masks which will be given to the health workers and common people, as well as 5.5 million tests and 950 aspirators, which will be purchased.

Spain is anticipating how long this crisis will continue, indicating that the delivery of the mask will be in eight weeks and the responders will meet between April and June.

Spain has also asked a Neto Coordination Center to help in the purchase of PPE, aspirators and test kits.

The Spanish Health Minister said in the press conference, “The entire production chain (in China) will only work for the Spanish government.”

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