West Bengal Women Beaten: Man delivers ‘Street Justice’ Called INSAF in Laxmikantapur

West Bengal Women Beaten: The Trinamool Congress (TMC) faced criticism on Sunday as opposition parties in West Bengal condemned the party over a video purportedly showing a man and a woman being assaulted. The BJP and CPI(M) alleged that a TMC worker in the Chopra area of Uttar Dinajpur district attacked the two victims.

In response to the incident, MLA Hamidul Rahaman from Chopra described the woman as engaging in “unacceptable behavior” and labeled her actions as “anti-social”.

He clarified that neither he nor the party had any association with the man seen assaulting the woman in the video. Rahaman characterized the incident as a local issue unrelated to the party. Meanwhile, police have apprehended the primary suspect involved in the assault.

“The woman also behaved inappropriately by abandoning her family and engaging in such behavior,” Rahaman stated.

“There are societal norms and justice mechanisms in our community. However, I acknowledge that the response was excessive. Legal proceedings will now follow.”

Earlier in the day, BJP IT Cell chief Amit Malviya shared the video, alleging that the perpetrator seen attacking the individuals was closely linked to Hamidur Rahaman. Islampur Police Superintendent Joby Thomas confirmed that a case had been registered after the video surfaced on social media.


Watch Video: https://x.com/i/status/1807341290520289486

The footage circulated by BJP and CPI(M) shows a man using a bamboo stick to assault two individuals on the street. The woman can be seen visibly distressed during the attack.

The BJP’s Bengal unit claimed that the man, identified as local TMC leader Tajemul, also known as ‘JCB’, was responsible for the assault on the woman.

Responding to media reports, a TMC MLA criticized the coverage, stating, “Which viral video are you referring to? The woman has not filed any complaint. It’s only the media sensationalizing this.”

Hamidul Rahaman clarified that the village had convened a ‘Salishi Sabha’ (local arbitration) to address what they perceived as the woman’s misconduct, leading to her punishment.

“While we recognize there were flaws in the handling of justice, this was a decision taken by local villagers. We are investigating the matter further. The woman herself did not complain, nor did her family,” Rahaman explained.