The Digital News Publishers Association(DNPA) has voluntarily drawn up a Code of Ethics for its members as outlined below, which demonstrates their commitment to responsible digital publishing — even as it, in order to protect our 19 (1) (a) and other Constitutionally mandated freedoms, keeps under review and scrutinizes any developments likely to restrict the gathering and dissemination of news and current affairs or any other content.

The object of this Code is to outline high standards, ethics, and practices in digital news publishing and does not constitute any attempt to involve itself in the day-to-day operations of the publishers — who have complete editorial and content independence.

The basic precepts of the Code of Ethics are to maintain the standards of digital publishing as well as protect and maintain the independence of journalists, content entities, and publishers.

The Digital News Publishers Association‘s Code of Ethics is a testament to its unwavering commitment to responsible digital publishing. By setting high standards, advocating journalistic integrity, and safeguarding the independence of journalists and publishers, the DNPA ensures that digital news platforms maintain credibility and trust in an evolving media landscape.

Through collaboration, inclusivity, and a proactive approach to combat misinformation, the DNPA and its members continue to shape the future of digital journalism.

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