Plan ready, army will take action when time comes: VK Singh on Gilgit-Baltistan

Mandeep Singh Sajwan
General V.K. Singh

Speaking at the E-Agenda Aaj Tak, former Army chief and Minister of State (MoS) for Road Transport and Highways VK Singh said that the entire Kashmir belongs to India.

 He said even PoK (Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir) is our part and asserted that it will come to India on its own. Talking about elections in Gilgit-Baltistan, General VK Singh said, “Pakistan’s rulers are not even able to manage their country, their army is deciding what to do to the people.

In this situation, the people there are trying to do something so that the world stands with them.

 The Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways further said that he does not think anyone will stand with Pakistan.

“The way India is taking the entire world together and by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s image in the global sphere, we will definitely benefit and get what we want in the end,” VK Singh said. “Entire Kashmir belongs to India, PoK is our part too and it will come to us automatically.

I have spent 12 years in Kashmir. Judgments are made and these will continue to be made, there is no need to give weight to every judgment.

When there is an encounter, only the person present on the ground can inform about the damage done there. If someone outside makes a comment, it is wrong,” VK Singh said on the Handwara encounter. Singh said that he is not going to say what the government will do or has to do, and added: “it will happen when the time comes”.

‘I will not tell you that we are going to do this, or we will do that. or what we have to do. It will happen when the time comes. A plan is ready.

 The day we see an opportunity, action will be taken. Former army chief’s comments come just after the IMD’s Regional Meteorological Centre has started including cities under Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir in its forecasts, a departure from its earlier format. The IMD has started including Gilgit-Baltistan and Muzaffarabad, which are parts of PoK, under the Jammu and Kashmir meteorological sub-division since May 5.

 IMD Director General M Mohapatra had said they have been mentioning areas under PoK under its daily weather bulletin ever since the bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir in the two union territories August last year. However, officials said it’s now being mentioned explicitly under the Jammu and Kashmir subdivision.

These cities of PoK have now found a place in the overall forecast of the northwest division. The northwest division consists of nine sub-divisions Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi-Chandigarh-Haryana, Punjab, east Uttar Pradesh, west Uttar Pradesh, east Rajasthan and west Rajasthan. The development assumes significance as New Delhi has been of a position that the Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir belongs to India.

The inclusion of Muzaffarabad and Gilgit-Baltistan in the forecast comes amid Pakistan’s Supreme Court allowing elections in Gilgit-Baltistan this week. India had strongly reacted to the development.

Source: India Today

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