National Technology Day 2020: PM Modi congratulates, remembers 1998 Pokhran test

Mandeep Singh Sajwan
National Technology Day 2020: PM Modi congratulates, remembers 1998 Pokhran test

National Technology Day 2020 is observed every year on 11 May in India as National Technology Day. This day marks the development of science in India and the development in technology.

On this day, along with nation pride, the nation also remembers the achievements of its scientists. On the occasion of National Technology Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated and he also remembered the 1998 Pokaran test during this time.

PM Narendra Modi tweeted - On National Technology Day, our nation salutes all those who are using technology to bring positive changes in the lives of others. We remember the extraordinary achievement of our scientists on this day in 1998. It was a historic moment in the history of India.

PM Modi, while sharing a video of Mana's talk about the Pokaran test, wrote that the 1998 Pokhran trials showed how a strong political leadership can make a big difference.

PM Modi also said that today many technologies are helping in the efforts to make the world free from COVID-19. PM said that I salute all of them at the forefront of research and innovation on ways to defeat the corona virus. The Prime Minister appealed that we should continue to use technology to create healthier and better planets.

President Ram Nath Kovind also wrote in a congratulatory message on the occasion of National Technology Day, congratulating fellow citizens on National Technology Day, marking the anniversary of the 1998 nuclear tests.

On this occasion, we celebrate the matchless contribution of the scientific community in making the nation self-reliant.

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