Lohri 2020: Why Lohri is Celebrated? What is the story of Dulla Bhatti?

Mandeep Singh Sajwan

Lohri 2020: 

The festival of Lohri is celebrated before Makar Sankranti. Lohri is the main festival of Punjabis, so it is most popular in Punjab and Haryana. Lohri is a festival to rejoice and dance in the form of bhangra. Today, Lohri is popular in the entire country including Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal. The festival has a special tradition of eating peanuts, revdi, popcorn, and Gazaks and offering them to people. Earlier in the evening people first put Revdis and peanuts in the fire. Since Lohri is considered to be the main festival of farmers, therefore it is festival celebrated after harvesting the crop, then they set Lohri (fire) and rotate around it while dancing.

Lohri Being Celebrated

It is considered very auspicious to offer Gajak and Revadi in the burning Lohri. Like Holika Dahan, a small pile of duck and wood is made. All the family members stand around it and celebrate by singing and dancing. Women take their young children in their arms and heat the fire of Lohri. It is believed that the child remains healthy and all the evil stays away from him.

In Hindu mythological scriptures, fire is considered the face of the gods. Farmers who celebrate Lohri, believe that the portion of food that is dedicated in the fire reaches to the gods. By doing this. these people pay their gratitude to Suryadev and Agnidev. People of Punjab believe that by doing this, everyone gets their rights and Mother Earth gives good crops. No one falls short for Crops. This festival is considered very important in Punjab. Especially after marriage, the person who has his first Lohri is considered important to celebrate Lohri in his home and take blessings of the elders. 

Lohri Bonfire

Why is the festival of Lohri celebrated?

Traditionally Lohri is a special festival associated with sowing and harvesting of the crop. There is a tradition of worshiping new crop in Punjab on this occasion. On this day, Lohri is lit at crossroads. and men do the Bhangra near the fire, while women do Gidda. All the relatives dance together and celebrate Lohri with great pomp and show. On this day sesame, jaggery, gajak, revdi, and groundnuts also have special significance. Lohri is also called Tilodi in many areas.

Lohri Special

 Lohri festival is also said to be celebrated to thank mother earth. Punjabi people mainly celebrate Lohri gala. Punjabi and Sikh people celebrate Lohri on the day of harvesting. Lohri festival is important for the newly married couple and newborn baby.

Hearing the story of Dulla Bhatti on Lohri

On the day of Lohri, a bonfire is lit and people dance around it. With this, the story of Dulla Bhatti is heard by making a circle near the fire on this day. Hearing the story of Dulla Bhatti on Lohri has a special significance. It is believed that during Akbar's time in the Mughal era, a person named Dulla Bhatti lived in Punjab. At that time some rich merchants used to sell the city girls, then Dulla Bhatti saved those girls and got them married. Since then, there is a tradition of telling the story of Dulla Bhatti in memory of Lohri every year.

Hearing the Story 


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