Will Indian Air Force Ever Deploy Strategic Long-Range Heavy Bombers?

Will Indian Air Force Ever Deploy Strategic Long-Range Heavy Bombers?
strategic long-range heavy bomber

To begin, we must define the term "strategic long-range heavy bombers." These are aircraft that are deployed to threaten rival countries rather than pouring weapons. They're useful if the country planning to induct them either has a serious expansion policy in mind or has some fiendish neighbours that relish claiming your land as a favoured pastime.

The most useful feature of these strategic long-range heavy bombers is how they can carry weapons in their inbuilt weapon bay even without the enemy knowing what they might be carrying. This advantage is its biggest plus point because it could be carrying a long-range missile, a mid-range missile, or even not carrying a missile at all, but it would still be enough to scare the enemy.

India has endeavoured to lease/purchase them in the past, but the complexity is that it would be trivial if it did not have strong political leadership, as Indian armed forces were not authorized to undertake such daring things at the time.

Will Indian Air Force Ever Deploy Strategic Long-Range Heavy Bombers?
Ghatak Unmanned Stealth Bomber

India Almost to Incuct DRDO built Ghatak Unmanned Stealth Bomber

Now, Ghatak is an unmanned stealth bomber that would be even better and offer better technology than anything else on the market, and because it would be made in India, it would be simple to integrate with various Indian arms and ammunition, as we would not need any foreign certificates to do so, and because it would be made in India, there would be no fear of a breach of trust.

Now the question is, when will India induct them?

The answer is that as soon as the Ghatak is ready, India will induct it in bigger numbers since the price per unit will be inexpensive, as DRDO-made items have only a 6% profit margin, compared to 18–24 per cent profit margins in other countries.

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