India Builds World’s Highest Motorable Road: A Feat of Engineering

India now boasts the world’s highest motorable road thanks to the Border Road Organization’s incredible efforts. The 52-kilometer road winds through the Umling La Pass in eastern Ladakh, connecting key towns in the Chumar region.

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According Uttarakhand Hindi news This new route offers a vital alternative for local residents traveling from Leh to Chisumle and Demchok, improving their lives. The Ministry of Defence called the road “a boon for local residents,” highlighting its potential to boost the region’s socio-economic conditions and tourism.

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Umling La is more challenging than the famous Khardung La Pass, with winter temperatures dropping to -40 degrees Celsius and oxygen levels significantly lower. Despite the harsh conditions, the BRO’s achievement surpasses the previous record of 18,953 feet held by a road in Bolivia.

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Standing at an impressive 19,300 feet, Umling La Pass symbolizes human ingenuity and India’s commitment to progress. This is going to be world’s highest motorable road in history. This groundbreaking feat promises to enhance connectivity, boost economic prosperity, and brighten the future for the people of Ladakh.