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Twitter Removes The New York Times’ Blue Verification Badge Following Musk’s New Policy

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Twitter Removes The New York Times' Blue Verification Badge Following Musk's New Policy
New York Times Office

In a recent development, Twitter has announced that it will be removing the blue verification badges for legacy verified accounts starting April 1, a policy that was set forth by Elon Musk after taking control of the social media platform. As a result of this policy change, even leading media houses like The New York Times lost their verification badge on Sunday.

Twitter had previously verified accounts that it deemed notable, including those of celebrities, politicians, companies, brands, and news organizations. The blue checkmarks were meant to help users identify that these accounts were genuine and not impostors or parody accounts. However, Twitter’s new policy states that it will remove the verified checkmark status of accounts verified before Elon Musk’s takeover, unless they have subscribed to Twitter Blue or the business-focused Twitter Verified Organizations plan.

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Individual Twitter users will only have verified blue checkmarks if they pay for Twitter Blue, a premium subscription service that costs USD 8/month via the web and USD 11/month through the in-app payment on iOS and Android. Twitter Blue is now available worldwide, but it is not yet clear how Twitter will deal with the accounts of people who are deemed “notable.”

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For companies and brands, Twitter has introduced a gold checkmark, while government accounts have been shifted to a grey checkmark. The only way to keep a gold or grey checkmark badge is through a subscription to Twitter Verified Organizations, which costs USD 1,000/month (plus tax) and USD 50/month (plus tax) for each additional affiliate subaccount.

Elon Musk launched Twitter Blue with the checkmark badge as one of the premium perks within two weeks of the company’s takeover. Despite getting internal warnings from Twitter’s own trust and safety staff, Musk’s plan resulted in the impersonation of high-profile accounts, including Twitter’s advertisers.

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The members of the White House have been informed that they will have to pay on their own in order to keep the blue verification checkmarks on Twitter. The White House recently informed its staffers that it will not be subscribing to Twitter Blue, and that staff may purchase Twitter Blue on their personal social media accounts using personal funds.

In conclusion, Twitter’s new policy for keeping verification badges has caused significant changes in the way accounts are verified on the platform. As a result, many accounts have lost their verification badges, including leading media houses like The New York Times. Only time will tell how this policy change will affect the platform’s user base and overall functionality.

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