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Tread warily on Maritime Theatre Command

IMPERATIVE: It is high time India asserted itself as a maritime power. PTIThe historical backdrop to India’s penchant for theaterisation goes back to the 1999 Kargil war and the two committees that followed — headed by K Subramanian and...

Theatre Commands to Be Operational in 2 to 3 years: Officials

According to those acquainted with the events, the formation of theatre commands to effectively utilize the military's resources may take two to three years, with top commanders from the three services being handed important tasks to finalize the combined...

India’s Defence Forces Aim at ‘Theaterisation’ of Command

Gone are the days when battles dragged on for years. Now battles are instant. It's all about striking swiftly and stealthily. And to do this, you need instant decision making and state-of-the-art weaponry.How does the chain of command work...

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