Srinagar Terrorist Attack: Police Scans CCTV Footage to Identify Attackers

Srinagar Terrorist Attack Visuals from Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar Terrorist Attack: Investigators are looking through CCTV evidence to find the terrorists who attacked a three-person patrol in Lalbazar, Srinagar, on Tuesday, leaving one officer dead and two others injured.

Three people were hurt when the three were fired near a school: Mushtaq Ahmad, Fayaz Ahmad, and Abu Bakar. Mushtaq Ahmad, an assistant sub-inspector, passed away from his wounds as two other police officers are receiving medical treatment.

Vijay Kumar, a second director general of police, informed reporters that the terrorists responsible for the attack would be found and eliminated after CCTV evidence was analyzed.

Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti, both former chief ministers, were among those who denounced the murder of Mushtaq Ahmed. In a wave of attacks against police this year, Mushtaq Ahmad is the ninth cop to die, most of them while off duty.

A number of attacks on civilians, especially migrant workers, have occurred in the area during the past year as insurgent violence has increased.