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Sri Dev Suman Biography: Life, Struggle & Achievements

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Sri Dev Suman Biography | Born on 25 May 1916, in the village Jaul of Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. Sri Dev Suman aka Shri Dev Suman best known as a group leader of freedom fighters active in Tehri. Whenever the freedom fighters are remembered from his name echoes in the heart of every Uttarakhandi people. His name resonates in the majestic heights of a true hero. The one who gave his life for the freedom of the people. In this article, we will try to portray an image of his life, struggle and achievements through this.

His father Shri Hari Dutt Badoni was a famous Vaidya (Practitioner of Ayurveda). While His mother Shrimati Tara Devi was a housewife. Both of his parents were known for their kind-heartedness and compassion. They never hesitated to help anyone in need.

Suman grew up with such rituals and traits compassionate humanity.

Although Suman’s real name is Shri Dutt Badoni; however, later as he contributed to the revolution of freedom he was renamed as Sri Dev Suman.

NameShri Dutt Badoni
NicknameSri or Shri Dev Suman
Father’s nameShri Hari Dutt Badoni
Mother’s nameShrimati Tara Devi
Birth25 May 1916
Death25 July 1944
Wife’s nameShrimati Vinay Lakshmi Saklani
Sri Dev Suman’s Biographical information.

Sri Dev Suman Biography: Early Life and Education

He had his early education In Chamba and Tehri. In 1930 Suman was only 14 years old when he participated in “Namak Satyagraha” in Dehradun.

During that visit, he was arrested and sentenced to 15 days in the Agra Central Jail. Where he wrote the following lines on our beloved motherland;

आज जननी है उगलती, अग्नियुक्त अंगार माँ जी,
आज जननी कर रही है, रक्त का श्रृंगार मां जी।
इधर मेरे मुल्क में स्वाधीनता संग्राम मां जी,
उधर दुनिया मे मची है, मार काट महान मां जी।।

Poem written by Suman in Agra central jail in 1930.

Meaning: Today the motherland is spewing out fiery embers, my beloved mother. Today motherland is doing the makeup of blood, mother. Here in my land, it’s the time to fight for our freedom my mother, while the whole world is struggling with the carnage of my mother.

In his early life, he became a key organizer and agitator for civil rights in Tehri. He served as an editor and writer for several underground publications, such as “Suman Saurabh” etc. He started to fight for Tehri Riyasat’s freedom from the King of Garhwal Bolanda Badri (Speaking Badrinath).

Sri Dev Suman Biography: Impact of Mahatma Gandhi on Suman’s Life

Sri Dev Suman was highly influenced by Mahatma Gandhiji and used a Non-violent way for the freedom of Tehri. His friend’s circle included respected environmentalists and people with specific excellence.

At that very time, there were too many kinds of objectionable taxes on the poor subjects of Tehri Riyasat. One day Sri Dev Suman went to his mother eyes filled with tears and said “Maa, Please forgive me! Your son cannot provide you with all the luxury and happiness of life as every man is supposed to do for his mother and parents. Oh, my mother, I devote myself to motherland. Please allow me to live for mothers who haven’t any child”.

Sri Dev Suman Biography and facts infographic

Suman’s Meeting with Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru

Sri Dev Suman was one of the first proponents of the unification of Uttarakhand. He gets an invitation as a representative of the hills; to a conference happening in February 1939. This conference was presiding by Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru in Ludhiana.

At this meeting, Suman emphasized the atrocities that were inflicted on the poor subject by the Garhwal Rulers.

In such a systematic manner he brought into the knowledge of Vijay Laxmi Pandit and Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. In 1942 Sri Dev Suman went to Wardha to visit Mahatma Gandhi Ji.

He was very keen to seek Blessings from his idol for the Praja-Mandal movement. On returning to Tehri he was arrested by the soldiers of Garhwal who had been trailing him. Subsequently, keeping away from entering the Tehri state.

However the enthusiasm in his heart was constantly increasing, and he vowed to fight against the ruthless administrators even at the cost of his life.

On 27 December 1943 when he was trying to enter into the Kingdom of Tehri, he was arrested at Chamba.

Suman’s Struggle for Freedom

Shri Dev Suman was declared a rebel of the state and imprisoned. Inside the Jail heavy fetters were put on his body, disabling him from doing his daily Chores. And even with such tortures in his body, his food was not even eatable. People still mention this in Sri Dev Suman’s Biography.

The Roti was served with a mixture of sand and clay, and the rest of the food was contaminated by ground pebbles. Mohan Singh was the in-charge of the jail and he never missed an opportunity to misbehave and torture Sri Dev Suman.

Then the courageous and devoted Sri Dev Suman decides to give up the food served to him by the cruel Administration. Consequently, the health of Sri Dev Suman deteriorated. The jail staff tried to feed him forcibly but all efforts of them brought no success.

Meanwhile, one night the mercury was low due to the winter, and that worsened Suman’s condition. Even though according to Sri Dev Suman’s biography his health was not good; the jail staff hadn’t shown compassion towards him. Prison authorities gave him a blanket soaked in cold water during the chilly winter nights that could have frozen our souls.

Sri Dev Suman’s Balidan for freedom

Sri Dev Suman was tortured and anguished in every possible way inside the prison. On 3 May 1944, Sri Dev Suman started declining food. And by July, his health was very critical. As his health deteriorated to gave up on his resolution and ate something for life.

Nevertheless, Sri Dev Suman was firm on his vow, believing freedom was more important than mere breathing. As his health worsened to the worst the doctors couldn’t help and they tried to inject the medicine which subsequently became the reason for his death.

Being in jail for 209 days and not eating for 84 days ultimately caused him to breathe his last on 25 July 1944. He was an ideal son for his parents and a loving brother to his friends. Sri Dev Suman’s personality was as dynamic as his deeds which have shown his conscientiousness towards his convictions and beliefs.

How the Cruel Admin Hid His Death

As the authorities knew that Shri Dev Suman was dead; they speculated the public rebelled as he was a loving son to the Tehri and its people. As so, the Jail authorities decided not to disclose the death of Sri Dev Suman. They packed the body of Suman in a cotton bag and threw it into the high streams of river Bhilangana.

This heinous act of jail authorities ultimately came into the knowledge and the people of Tehri went wild on his death.

He was a medical practitioner by profession and Martyred only at the age of 29, leaving behind his wife and a legacy of inspiration for generations to come.

His Balidan Diwas (The Day of Martyrdom) is being celebrated 25th of July every year

श्री देव सुमन श्री देव सुमन,
शत कोटि नमन शत कोटि नमन |
अपना सुखी जीवन त्याग दिया,
बलिदान – परहित नाम किया,

श्री देव सुमन श्री देव सुमन,
शत कोटि नमन शत कोटि नमन |

This Sri Dev Suman Biography talks about his early life, meritorious education and struggles. Which incident from Shri Dev Suman’s life ignited the emotions within you?

What are your views or opinions on Sri Dev Suman’s sacrifice for freedom? Express yourself in the comment section below and speak your heart about it.

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