Pakistan using smugglers and its underworld for planning attack in India through sea route: Intel agencies

Creative picture of terrorists raising weapons

Even amid the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, Pakistan has been fanning its nefarious activities by getting to launch an attack in India with the assistance of Pakistan-based underworld and smuggling groups using sea route, consistent with inputs by intelligence agencies.

consistent with inputs, Pakistani agency Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) may target the West Coast or valuable Indian assets within the high seas.

The plan is to utilise the Pakistani underworld or small smuggling group elements who have recently expressed interest during a small port area on the Arabian Sea in Sindh province of Pakistan.

This area, besides being in close proximity to India’s coast, is additionally considered a part of a preferred maritime smuggling route. Pakistani agencies aren’t only helping them in establishing their setups on these ports but also give them combat training.

On April 12, Pakistan Maritime security agency had fired on Indian fishing boats during which one Indian fisherman was injured. Recently, there are multiple cases of seizures of narcotics in high seas adjoining Indian coast, Sri Lanka and therefore the Maldives from Pakistan-origin boats.

 As per intelligence sources, these boast also carried some amount of ammunition with them. because the world battles the pandemic, Pakistan has not changed its strategy and continues to plan attacks on India.

 Pakistan has been continuously violating ceasefire along the road of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir. it’s also been sending terrorists inside India.

Earlier, Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police (DGP) Dilbag Singh had asserted that Pakistan has been exporting COVID-19 patients to India.

Calling it a matter of concern, Singh had said that it’s come to light that Pakistan, which was earlier only sending terrorists, has now also started sending coronavirus infected people.

The DGP added that these people will spread the infection. He also involved precaution during this matter. “Pakistan is exporting coronavirus patients. it’s true that something like this has come to light and it’s a matter of concern.

 Till now, Pakistan has been exporting terrorists but now Pakistan also will export coronavirus patients. they’re going to come here and spread the infection among the people here. Precaution is required , it’s a matter of concern,” the DGP had said.

 it’s also ramped up its evil activities against India on social media platforms. A fake Twitter account employed by ISI to spread false news about India within the Gulf states has been suspended. The suspended Twitter account is @idanialusaf, it had been impersonating Noura bint Faisal, a princess of Saudi Arabia by creating a fake ID named @NouraAlSaud and was involved in anti-India propaganda operated from Pakistan.

Twitter suspends an account if it’s been reported as violating the micro-blogging platform’s rules surrounding abuse.

The account are often suspended thereon is indulges in abusive behaviour, like sending threats to others or impersonating other accounts. Indian security agencies say ISI has been spreading hatred against India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Gulf countries by using several fake accounts on social media platforms.

The intelligence agencies have prepared a dossier of Pakistan’s involvement in activities of spreading anti-India messages through fake or hacked accounts on social media.

Investigators revealed that fake accounts are being created within the name of royalty members of Gulf countries to spread hatred about India.

[Source: ZEE News]