Pakistan reportedly starts receiving VT4 main battle tanks from China

Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO), is reportedly beginning to deliver new VT4 main battle tanks to Pakistan which should receive a minimum of 100 units.

 In mid-April 2020, at the Chinese tank factory located in Baotou, Inner Mongolia province, the ceremony of shipping the primary batch of VT4 main battle tanks fitted with explosive reactive armor (ERA) to “a foreign customer” obviously believed to be Pakistan as, in 2019, this country had selected the VT4 tank within the framework of the acquisition program of a minimum of 100 new MBTs. The MBT-3000, also named VT4 for the export version, may be a new generation of main battle tank designed and made by NORINCO. consistent with this company, the MBT-3000 benefits from the newest technology for main battle tanks specially designed to satisfy the challenge of high-tech warfare.

 Its overall performance and combat capability put this tank among the foremost advanced ones within the world. The MBT-3000 was unveiled for the primary time to the general public at the International Defense Exhibition Eurosatory in June 2012. At the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition 2014, NORINCO showed for the primary time a true model of its new main battle tank.

In August 2012, Norinco received diplomats, military officials and defense contractors from 44 countries for an indication of its latest tank in export version. At the defense Exhibition AAD 2014 in Pretoria, Namibia’s deputy Defense minister showed interest within the VT4. In January 2018, the Royal Thai Army conducted tests of the VT4 at the Royal Thai Army Cavalry Center located at Adisorn military camp, in Saraburi; Thailand then purchased 28 VT4s and its cabinet approved the repurchase of 10 additional units; more are expected to follow.

 In July 2019, Pakistan selected the new Chinese tank, of which a minimum of 100 units should replace older MBTs, because the indigenous Al Khalid II remains under development; the primary units were delivered in mid-April 2020.

[Source:   News Defense Global Security Army Industry]