Miui 12 camera app gets a lot of amazing features, check out top list

1/8  The New Features of Xiaomi Camera App 

Xiaomi Camera App

The flagship smartphones are being given a powerful camera setup and the company has brought a camera up to 108 megapixels in mi 10 Pro. Improves the software and user interface (UI) in tandem with the hardware of the camera. With the latest MIUI12 update, Omi has made several major changes to the camera app. We’re coming up with a list of Xiaomi’s new camera features for you,

2/8  Custom Function Layout                               

Xiaomi Camera custom Layout

You will be able to customize the entire layout in the new MIUI 12 camera app. This way you’ll see your favorite camera modes in front and the rest of the mode you’ll be able to tap on the more tab. Users will be able to choose to appear on the front panel in 2 to 8 camera modes and will also be able to unrange the positions of these functions. A new icon is now given for all camera modes.

3/8  Magic Clone                                             

Magic Clone

With the help of the latest camera feature, MIUI 12 can be erected in its own clone photo or video. This option will be given to users in the More section of the camera app. However, this feature is now being given only to Mi 10 series devices but can also come to the rest of the phones later.

4/8  Panel Based Camera Mode                    

Xiaomi Camera Panel

Xiaomi has come up with a completely new camera layout in its camera app, which will allow your favorite to be selected from several camera modes. The new More Panel will now see the panel-based UI instead of the tab-based UI. When you swipe up, the non-traditional camera mode will appear and the camera settings will come when you swipe down.

5/8  Voice Shutter                                           

Voice Shutter

Another amazing feature is the voice shutter in the new camera app and will help you click the photo by giving voice commands. Activating this feature will replace the main shutter button with a voice shutter, which means the camera will automatically click the photo on the voice command.

6/8  Subtitles                                                   

xiaomi camera subtitles

The new MIUI 12 camera app will automatically record the audio when you shoot the subtitled video. This feature is like Google’s live captions for videos option, which was brought last year. However, this feature will not support all languages.

7/8  Camera Interface Color and Shutter Sound

xiaomi camera interface

The features and interface in the smartphone’s camera can be chosen by itself what color you need. Omi users will be able to choose their favorite from yellow, pink, purple, blue and green colours in the new camera app. In addition, four new shutter sound effects have also been added to the app. These options will be found in the Customize section of the app.

8/8  Snap Mode                                                                            

Snap mode xiaomi

Miui 12 has a special camera feature to spy and secretly click photos. In snap mode users will still be able to click photos when their mobile screen is off. The help of the volume button can be taken.