Karnataka News: JD(S) Members Pledge Loyalty Amidst Growing Discord

Karnataka News: JD(S) has takes a resolute stance, securing their members’ allegiance after a divisive decision to ally with the BJP for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, in the face of a growing existential crisis. The party leadership, including former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda and his son HD Kumaraswamy, convened a crucial meeting at the latter’s farmhouse near Bidadi off Mysuru Road.

A Pledge of Loyalty

At this gathering, core committee chairman GT Deve Gowda administered an ‘oath’ to party members. This solemn pledge emphasized unwavering commitment to the party’s ideology, discipline, and a steadfast resolve to resist the allure of political temptations that might lead to defection.

Defiance Amidst Opposition

Addressing the gathering, HD Deve Gowda issued a warning to State Congress president DK Shivakumar, who has threatened to diminish JD(S) to insignificance while actively pursuing JD(S) legislators and functionaries. Gowda vehemently asserted that Shivakumar’s aspirations would not come to fruition. As of now, JD(S) holds 19 members in the legislative assembly.

Concerns Among Muslim Functionaries

Amidst this turmoil, murmurs of discontent are rising among JD(S) Muslim functionaries, particularly state president CM Ibrahim and working president MN Nabi. Their dissatisfaction with the alliance has ignited speculation about their potential departure from the party, with some lower-ranking members already resigning.

Unconsulted Voices

CM Ibrahim has publicly voiced his displeasure, claiming that he was neither consulted nor taken into confidence regarding the party’s decision to align with the BJP. He has pledged to consult with Muslim community leaders in the state before making his next move. Notably, both Ibrahim and Nabi were conspicuously absent from Sunday’s meeting, while other Muslim members, including MLC BM Farooq, were in attendance.

A Defense of the Alliance

Following the meeting, MLC BM Farooq defended the JD(S)-BJP alliance, countering the misconception that this pact would be detrimental to the Muslim community. He pointed to historical precedent, such as the JD(S)-BJP alliance in 2006 during Kumaraswamy’s tenure as CM, during which beneficial decisions were made for the community. Additionally, he cited the example of former JD(S) MLA Zameer Ahmed Khan, who became a minister when Kumaraswamy served as CM for a second term.

In response to CM Ibrahim’s reported displeasure, HD Deve Gowda refrained from making negative comments and expressed hope for an amicable resolution. Meanwhile, HD Kumaraswamy staunchly defended the decision to align with the BJP, asserting that it serves the best interests of both the party and the people of Karnataka. He emphasized that the alliance was formed after careful consideration of multiple factors and thorough consultations with legislators and senior party members.