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Army Chief Calls for Comprehensive Strategy Amid ‘Strategic Uncertainties’ in India

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In the face of Pakistan-backed Taliban ambitions in Afghanistan and China’s persistent military expansion in the region. Army Chief Gen Manoj Mukund Naravane emphasizes the urgency for India to adopt a comprehensive “whole-of-government approach” to effectively tackle strategic uncertainties and non-traditional threats.

Indian Armed Forces Aim to Cement Reputation as Net Security Provider

Addressing the complex geopolitical landscape in India’s neighborhood, Gen Naravane asserts the Indian armed forces’ determination to solidify the country’s role as a net security provider in the region. He emphasizes the necessity of a holistic strategy to confront a spectrum of strategic uncertainties.

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India’s Concerns Amid Afghanistan’s Fragile Situation

With the fragile and dynamic situation in Afghanistan following the historic US-Taliban deal, India expresses apprehension. Gen Naravane underscores the importance of broadening the understanding of national security. And urging a proactive examination of non-traditional threats like pandemics.

Focus on India-China Border Dispute and COVID-19 Measures

Gen Naravane reassures that despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the Indian Army maintains its posture along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China. Emphasizing mutual understanding and respect for the LAC’s sanctity. He highlights the efforts to mitigate misunderstandings through discussions and existing mechanisms.

Prioritizing Troop Safety Amid Pandemic

Highlighting the unique challenges in remote and high-altitude areas, Gen Naravane emphasizes the minimal risk of infection for troops. He underscores the strict adherence to social distancing and hygiene measures. With only medically validated personnel being allowed to replace those deployed in key formations.

India-China Border Dispute and Troop Safety Measures

The India-China border dispute, covering a 3,488-km-long Line of Actual Control, remains a point of contention. Gen Naravane prioritizes troop safety, ensuring that comprehensive instructions are issued to maintain social distancing and adhere to the highest hygiene standards. And recognizing the importance of a fit and healthy force in facing national challenges.

In conclusion, Gen Naravane’s call for a comprehensive national security doctrine comes at a crucial time, with India navigating geopolitical complexities and addressing emerging threats, while also ensuring the safety of its troops amid the ongoing pandemic.

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