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High Tech Carbine ‘TriCa’ Launched at Ordnance Factory inTamil Nadu

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High Tech Carbine "TriCa" Launched
high-tech, low-sound carbine named “TriCa”

On Thursday at the ordnance factory in Tiruchirappalli,
Tamil Nadu, a high-tech, low-sound carbine named “TriCa” was exhibited. Its
range is more effective than typical submachine guns and small enough to fit
security personnel. In his jacket. 

The 7.62X39mm TriCa carbine is the lightest
and most compact weapon. It is designed for infantry fighting vehicles,
helicopter crews and security personnel. It is suitable for operations that
require a compact and relatively powerful single automatic weapon. It is
suitable for paratroopers, police and security personnel.

Front side view of TRICA Carbine Gun

 According to a
national defence press release, Trika has a special muzzle amplifier that helps
to hide the flash and reduce the sound of shooting. According to the statement,
it defends highly secure facilities (such as airports) and is used by special
operations forces. 

It can use ammunition and magazines, as well as
interchangeable parts for general assault rifles (TAR and AK-47). The carbines
can be hidden in clothes or in the jackets of security personnel. It was
developed by the internal R&D unit of the Artillery Factory. 

Trica was
introduced in a function by factory general manager Sanjay Dwivedi. New CEOs
Rajiv Jain and A K Singh and Deputy CEO S Krishnaswamy attended the meeting.

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