Why the car’s steerings are on the sides but not in the in center

In India, we often see a car / bus or truck running on the road. All steering is on the right side.

The question is why these vehicles do not have steering in between of both sides. Is there a logic behind it or was it just a tradition that has started and is being followed till date?

Let’s find it out:

Car steering on the right
Car Steering on the right side

why Car's Steering is on sides?
Car Steering On the Left Side

Why car steering is on the right side in India?

People say that this tradition started in the British era. In some countries where the British were not ruling there is a steering left side of the car, but the question is that after independence, engineers used steering according to their ease and comfort (Maruti cars steering was on right side, Toyota cars steering on left side) left or right.

Why not put it in and the original question is still the same why the steering is not exactly in the middle?

What is the logic behind steering on one side in vehicles?

Actually this decision was taken after a long experience of vehicles. Let me Remind you that even today in an auto rickshaw, the driver sits in the middle of the vehicle. In olden times, carts were used for traffic inside the city.

This was the modified version of the chariot used in ancient times.

The driver used to sit exactly in the middle. When the engineers made the car, it came to mind that it would be stupid to reserve the entire front seat for the driver. A place can be made to seat another person with the driver.

The only logic is that the driver’s seat was changed from the center to the side. If you look at the pages of history a little bit, then in those days I also started putting another assistant with the driver.