Why do mosquitoes buzz over the head in the evening / Gk Questions in English

Mosquitoes over girl's head

You must have often seen that after dark in the evening, if you are standing outside the house, suddenly a lot of mosquito swarms start buzzing over your head.The question is that the mosquito can neither sting in the skin of the head nor can drink the blood, so why does it keep flocking above the head?

 Let’s try to find out the answer to this question.

Female mosquitoes drink human blood, not males

Most of the females in the world are peace loving and are a symbol of love and affection, but the female mosquito has a completely different nature. Do you know that a male mosquito does not harm humans, but a female mosquito is the one who thirst for human blood.

The female mosquito attacks humans at night and drinks blood. She does this the most when she is pregnant.

Why do mosquitoes flock above the head in the evening

The most noticeable thing in this question is ‘evening time’. If you stand in the same place the next  morning, then mosquitoes will not come over your head, but in the evening it will happen.

This is because the female mosquito loves the smell of human sweat. The smelly gas that comes out of your sweat goes upwards consisting of carbon dioxide.

Naturally, it is moving around your head or from right to left. If you have dirt in your hair, then this type of gas will be emitted in more quantity. Female mosquitoes keep swinging on these poisonous gases. And you think it’s on your head.