Counter-Terrorism Troops to Have New Training Module on Taliban: Reports

Counter-Terrorism Troops to Have New Training Module on Taliban: Reports

According to a PTI report, security personnel involved in counter-terrorism operations would receive a new training module on the Taliban and their tactics. The central security establishment has requested these forces to create and administer the new training module. The decision was made in light of the developing circumstances following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, according to the article.

The present training package includes a section on “changing dynamics of border control,” which includes material on the Taliban, but it is out of date.

“That is being added by open-source authentic material and others available in a classified manner to us,” an officer told PTI. “The focus is on the advancements of the previous twenty years that occurred in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.” The training module is intended for BSF, SSB, state police units, and counter-terrorist units such as the CRPF, J&K Police, and others.

Following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan on August 15, India’s Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Rawat, stated that India is prepared to tackle any terror overflow from Afghanistan. “We were worried about the possibility of terrorist activities from Afghanistan spilling over into India.”

Our contingency preparation had been underway to that level, and we were prepared for it “he had stated

A full-fledged training, intelligence, and combat module on the Taliban, as well as the most recent updates on its leadership, modus operandi, and other topics, is being developed for the new module.

“The last guy standing at the border, at a checkpoint, or under police authority must be well-versed about the Taliban’s history, as well as related operations and plans. The security forces’ senior and top commanders may know a lot about Afghanistan and the Taliban situation, but they rely on the troops or constables on the ground for practical support.

“They must be properly informed,” a top official stated.

According to a recent report by the news agency ANI, intelligence has been received about a group of 25 Indians with IS ties attempting to enter India.

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