Coronavirus: The Story of Sumiti Singh, the Plasma donor

plasma donor sumiti singh

Plasma therapy is also expected to cure severe corona patients. Some of the results of this therapy trial so far have also yielded good results.

The government is appealing to all cured patients to donate plasma. But for many reasons people are not coming out.

Some people like Sumiti Singh, a resident of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, are promoting others for this.
Summetry, who defeated the corona virus after treatment, has now donated her plasma to save other patients.

In fact, after returning from Finland, Sumiti suffered a fever and then a mild cough and a complaint of tetanus in the chest. 

She had mild symptoms of corona.

On March 18, he was admitted to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Hospital in Ahmedabad and recovered after treatment on March 29. They didn’t need to go on oxygen and ventilator. She was the first patient to recover by defeating Corona in Ahmedabad.

At that time, there was not much discussion about plasma therapy, nor did the trials begin. But after 14 days of recovery, when  Sumiti follow-up checkup came back to the hospital, doctors told them that they could donate plasma to help other corona patients.
Plasma donor sumiti singh in hospital

Sumiti wanted to help other patients and doctors fighting the war, but there were many apprehensions in the minds of her and her family. The exact same apprehensions that are coming to the minds of others who have been cured by the corona.

If plasma has antibodies, will their antibodies not be reduced after donation? 
Will the donation process not be complicated or penfull? 
Will there be no infection from the nidal?

But the doctors answered all the questions of Sumiti. They told her that the body forms a lot of antibodies and only a small portion of their antibodies are taken from the person cured in donations and it is done in a very short time.

It is exactly the same process as it is at the time of blood donation and the use of disposable needles and tubes. Which is taken new to every person.

Doctors said that a person who has no other disease before the corona and has antibodies in his body can donate plasma. The person can do it by their own volition, there is no pressure on her.