China lacks ‘formal combat capability’ to assault us: Taiwan

taiwan vs china
The China-Taiwan issue Photograph:( Reuters )

Taiwan’s defence ministry on Monday said that China’s military lacks the capability to launch a full-fledged assault on the country.

China views Taiwan as its sovereign territory and is amping up military activities. China has iterated the use of force to gain control of the island country, a sentiment which was echoed by Chinese President Xi Jinping last year as well.

Taiwan on the other hand is a democracy, and has rejected all claims by Beijing.

China’s aggressive programmes

Under Xi, China’s military is undergoing a modernisation programme. As part of this, the country has inducted new stealth fighters, aircraft carriers, along with new supplementary equipment. Additionally, Chinese Air Force and navy have been rigorously undertaking exercises and missions close to Taiwan.

Reuters reported that Taiwan recently put out its report on countering Chinese ambition in the Taiwan strait. According to this report, the country’s defence ministry is carving out scenarios to counter Chinese activity. As part of this, they will set up blockades and seize offshore islands, so that no inlays are provided to the country.

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The report claimed that China is working hard to improve its live fire rills, and by employing use of new technology and weapons.

“But on the operation of tactics and strategy toward Taiwan, it is still restricted by the natural geographic environment of the Taiwan Strait, and its landing equipment and logistics abilities are insufficient,” it added.

“It still does not have the formal combat capability to fully assault Taiwan”, the report further said.

Taiwan steps up game

Under President Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan has prioritised strengthening its defences. As part of this, Taiwan has improved its local production of defence paraphernalia, while buying more equipment from its largest arms supplier – the United States.

Tsai recently said that she does not want war with China, but added how collateral hostilities may be unavoidable owing to the continuous regional tensions.

Taiwan’s defence ministry recently claimed that even though they do not seek war, they’re not afraid of it.

Source: Wion News