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Indigenous Loitering Munitions: Everything You Need to Know

Indigenous Loitering Munitions, also known as autonomous weapon systems, are cutting-edge military technologies that combine the capabilities of unmanned aerial

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Launch of VIKRAM-S Suborbital Flight (PRARAMBH Mission): How Private Sector Breaks Monpoly of ISRO In Space?

Launch of VIKRAM-S Suborbital Flight (PRARAMBH Mission): How Private Sector Breaks Monpoly of ISRO In Space?The monopoly held by the

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Russia Under U.N. Spotlight Over Escalation As Shelling Strikes Southern Ukraine

EUROPE: Late on Saturday, while Russia was attempting to justify its seven-month-old war at the UN and moving to escalate

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India Refers To Mumbai Attack As Retaliation For Pakistani PM’s UN “Peace” Remark

New Delhi: Government officials lashes out at Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday for his anti-India speech delivered the

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IRAN Anti-Hijab Protests Live News: Protests Grow Deadlier, Claiming 50 Lives So Far

Tehran (IRAN): Hours after counter-demonstrations were organized by the government, protests erupted in Iran for the seventh consecutive night on

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Shireen Abu Akleh: Israel Army Admits Al Jazeera Journalist May Have Been Shot Accidentally

Shireen Abu Akleh: For the first time, the Israeli army acknowledged on Monday that one of its soldiers had probably

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Gen. Manoj Pande COAS, Receives Honorary Title from Nepalese President Bidya Devi Bhandari

The Nepali Army receives non-lethal equipment from the Indian COAS.Gen. Manoj Pande, the head of the Indian Army's army staff,

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India’s Future Weapons: The New Generation of Military Technology

The Indian government has spent billions on developing new weapons systems over the past few years. Some experts believe that

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Flood Situation In Pakistan Today: Images Show Massive Damage

 Flood Situation In Pakistan Today: Following flooding in the town of Bahrain, Pakistan, people recover useable goods from a ruined

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MQ-9 Predators Drones: Why This Deal with U.S. Could Be a Game Changer For India

The MQ-9 Predators, also known as Reapers, became the center of military attention once again after killing Al-Qaeda leader Ayman

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India in Talks with US to Procure MQ-9B Drones, to Upgrade Defence Along LAC

MQ-9B dronesThe US government and India are in advanced negotiations to buy MQ-9B drones for India in order to modernize

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INS VIKRANT: India’s First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier will Only Be Operational by End of 2023

INS Vikrant, the Indian Navy's first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier-1INS Vikrant, the Indian Navy's first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier-1 (IAC-1), the 43,000-tonne

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HAWALA: Mohammed Yasin Arrested For Routing Funds To Kashmir For Acts Of Terror

HAWALA: A man has been arrested in a joint operation by the Delhi Police and the Jammu and Kashmir Police

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Confucius Institutes: A Trojan Horse Breaching National Security Globally

Confucius Institutes have been alleged of far more serious offenses than will be used as a propaganda tool.With approximately 530

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Ukrainian Black Sea Ports to Re-Open for Grain Exports, After Historic Russia-Ukraine Deal

A historic agreement between Russia and Ukraine to reopen Ukrainian Black Sea ports for grain exports was reached on Friday,

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