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As Harsh Winter Subsides, China Enhances Military Activity Along LAC

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As Harsh Winter Subsides, China Enhances Military Activity Along LAC
As Harsh Winter Subsides, China Enhances Military Activity Along LAC | File Photo

New Delhi: China is now reinforcing its military positions and rotating troops along the Line of Actual Control. This means that China is showing no intent of de-escalation along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh where it is locked in a stand-off with India for over a year now.

While many would have hoped that the harsh winter would lead to a de-escalation, the Chinese are not converting temporary structures, helipads and surface to air missile positions it had set up last year into permanent positions.

Officials say that China continues to maintain a big force in the friction point areas. The Rutog county area which is only 100 kilometres away has witnessed plenty of activity in the past couple of days. India’s worry is that the People’s Liberation Army can move forces must faster to the LAC due to better road connectivity.

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The last time that talks were held at the military level between the two countries was in April. The Chinese side did not agree to pull back troops at patrolling posts 15, 17 and 17A in the Hot Springs-Gogra-Kongka La areas.

A statement from India said that both sides agreed to resolve issues. “It was highlighted that completion of disengagement in other areas would pave the way for two sides to consider de-escalation forces and ensure full restoration of peace and tranquillity and enable progress in bilateral relations,” the statement read.

“The two sides agreed on the need to resolve the outstanding issues in an expeditious manner in accordance with the existing agreements and protocols,” a statement by the Defence Ministry read.

Sources said that the next round of talks would take place after consulting with the political leadership. The talks did not go as planned and several unresolved issues remain. However, it is important to keep talking and find solutions at the earliest, the source also said.

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In March, India said that it expects China to work with it through the existing bi-lateral consultation mechanisms between their diplomats and military commanders to ensure early completion of the disengagement process in the remaining areas in eastern Ladakh to allow both sides to consider de-escalation of forces.

At the 10th round of the senior commanders meeting, India is learnt to have insisted on a faster disengagement process in areas such as Hot Springs, Gogra and Depsang to defuse tension in the region.


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