Indian Army Confirms Confrontation with China, Reports Minor Injuries on Both Sides

Tension flared between Indian and Chinese soldiers in north Sikkim on Saturday, resulting in a heated confrontation that left 11 soldiers injured, the army confirmed on Sunday. The incident unfolded at Naku La, as reported by Hindustan Times, where scores of troops from both nations engaged in aggressive behavior, resulting in minor injuries.

“Incident of face-off as referred to in the (HT) article did take place. Aggressive behaviour by the two sides resulted in minor injuries to troops,” stated the army.

Highlighting the commonality of such incidents, the army emphasized that temporary and short-duration face-offs are not uncommon due to unresolved boundaries. Following a dialogue and interaction at the local level, the two sides disengaged. Resolving the issue in accordance with established protocols, the statement added.

Approximately 150 soldiers were involved in the confrontation, leading to injuries for four Indian and seven Chinese soldiers. This latest face-off adds to the annual tally of around 400 incidents along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). As a result of the long-standing border dispute between the two Asian giants that dates back to the 1962 war.

This is not the first instance of physical clashes between Indian and Chinese soldiers. In August 2017, soldiers from both sides engaged in a fistfight, throwing stones and exchanging blows near Pangong Lake in Ladakh. The incident near Naku La(Sikkim 737120) comes amid heightened bilateral tensions. Also coinciding with a prolonged standoff in the disputed Doklam plateau close to Sikkim.

The 73-day Doklam standoff in 2017 prompted the Centre for Joint Warfare Studies (CENJOWS) to assert that such situations could become the new normal. In a paper titled “Looking Beyond Doklam,” the think tank, established by the defense ministry. It stressed the importance of building military capabilities to demonstrate strength. As peace along the disputed border would be constantly under stress.

During the Doklam standoff, China accused India of trespassing and obstructing the construction of a road in the remote Himalayan plateau claimed by both China and Bhutan. The standoff concluded with the withdrawal of troops by both nations.