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20 Common Android Smartphone problems and solutions

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In today’s era, smartphones have become an essential part of everyone’s life.
And If it malfunctions by any mistake or reason then it causes us to be upset and furious. At that time any problem with the smartphone is like a problem with us. 

We become restless and deal with smartphone issues with utmost sincerity until the problems are fixed. 

However, have you ever thought to fix some common problems of your smartphone by yourself?

If yes, then this article is surely going to guide you through how you can do that.  And yes, you can solve some problems with your smartphone by yourself. 

It is not rocket science though, All you need is just to be cautious and
alert. So whenever you encounter any minor issue with your smartphone that is ruining your experience, you can fix it by yourself.

So today we will learn about the Simple Solutions of 20 Common
Problems of Smartphones.

If your smartphone gets hot while
talking, or the performance of the phone is continuously deteriorating day by day or any other problem of any kind, then you will find a solution to all those problems
in this article.

If your smartphone has any problem then the reduction in the performance of that will definitely be

Your phone operates slowly, at the same time you will have to face a lot
of difficulties while connecting to the internet. 

There are many common
problems that show that there is some problem with your smartphone.

So let’s know how to win some
common problems occurring on the smartphone. 

Simple Solutions for 20 Common
Problems of Smartphones

You can fix common problems that befall
in your smartphones on yourself. For this, you do not need to move to any mobile
shop or service center. 

Because, if your phone is in the warranty
period, then it is a very good thing.

But if there isn’t a warranty period then you will have to loosen your pockets.

Smartphone problems and solutions

1. What to do if Camera shuts off Automatically?

If the camera of your smartphones is shutting off automatically. Follow this process to solve this issue

  1. Go to your phone’s settings >> app, then
    go to the All tab. 
  2. Here you will see the camera app of the phone. 
  3. Now you tab
    over that camera app and clear all data as well as cache data.
  4. Only this much and your
    problem will be solved. 
    But If the problem is still not solved. 
  5. Disable the
    camera app once and enable it again.

2. How to Fix if App crashes when you use it?

If this problem exists in your smartphone And app shuts down. Check if there is any new update of
that app. If there is an update, update it immediately.

*But if there is no update

  1. then
    go to that phone’s settings >> app,
  2. and then go to the All tab. 
  3.  Here,
    you delete the data and cache data of that app. And
     your problem will be

3. Mobile slows down

Usually, this problem befalls because
the internal storage of the phone is full. And thus your phone works

So the simplest way to avoid this is to delete unwanted applications and
data in the phone, or to move some data to your phone’s micro SD card.

Apart from this, close the app which
you are unable to use. And also delete the cache of those apps.
With these two
methods, your phone will start working again.

Even after adopting both these
methods, if your phone is working slowly. So in order to delete unwanted files
of your phone, you have to do Factory Reset.

 But remember, before doing a factory
reset, do backup all the important data of your phone. Because after completing a factory reset, all the data on your phone will be deleted.

4.  Do this if Phone heats up while talking

If your phone heats up while talking. First of all, check the software and understand why it is happening.
 Possible reasons are that some apps are running in the background which is heating up the device. Update any app which is running in the background.

If the app and OS are new, then the
battery may be the reason for the phone heating up. Therefore, note that the
battery is now outdated & old.

5. How to fix if the battery life of smartphones is disturbed?

When buying a smartphone,
a lot is spoken about the battery 
life. But the reality comes in our knowledge after using it.

 It is common in most smartphones to run out of battery quickly. Every other smartphone user is facing similar battery problems.

The easiest way to solve this
problem. Changing the location of the phone and reducing the brightness. 


  1. Go to the ‘setting’ of your Smartphone.
  2. Turn off location and
    start the battery saving mode.
  3. Also, never put the phone’s brightness on ‘Auto
  4. And change the brightness according to the need. 

If your
phone battery is very low, reduce the brightness as much as possible.

With these two tricks, the battery
of your phone will last for a long time. Apart from this, if you have
Samsung Galaxy S5, which has ‘Extra Battery Saving Mode’.

If using the phone’s battery has
become very long and your phone’s battery is disturbing in recent times.

Backup the important data of the phone and do a Factory Reset. If you
want, you can also do hard reset the phone. 

With this, your battery performance will improve for sure.

6. What to do if the Connectivity issue is occurring?

When connecting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
to the phone many times, we have to face a lot of problems. 

To solve the problem,

  1. Put your phone on ‘Airplane Mode’ for at least 30 seconds
  2. and then
    start it again. By doing this, your connectivity problem will be solved.

1. If there is a problem with Wi-Fi connectivity in 5.1 Lollipop. So put the phone in airplane mode and then turn

2. After that on Wi-Fi do a forget password and connect again and enter the
password. Your problem will be solved.

But if this problem happens every day. So
you can consider changing your Wi-Fi router.

7. Having trouble with Contacts and
Calendar Sync

If your Smartphone has a sync problem. Then it could be a Sync issue of Contacts and Calendar. Therefore to fix it, delete your Google Account once and sign it again, it will solve your

8. Tabs Merging with other apps in the Chrome Browser

When using the Chrome Browser, if its
tabs are merged with other apps. which increases the chances of accidentally
closing them. 

Go to the chrome setting and turn off the tabs merging feature. This will allow chrome browser to shut altogether with its tabs and none of the tabs will merge with other apps.

9. What to do if you are having
trouble in Google Play Store?

If your phone is crashing while the Google Play Store is open, or an error is appearing. Thus to overcome this

whichever google account you are using the play store with. Delete it
and add that account again.
Your problem will be solved. Actually, this problem
is caused by using more than one google account.

But if there is only one account and
this problem is occurring. Then 

  1. Go to your phone’s setting >> app and then
    go to All Apps. 
  2. Now select the Google play store app from it and then delete
    the cached data. By doing this your problem will definitely be solved

10. What to do if the app is not
downloading from the Google Play Store?

In Android phones, people often
complain that the application is not being downloaded from the Google Play

To solve this problem, 

  1. Go to the Google Play store and swipe the
    screen from left to right.
  2. You will see the button of your setting, select it.
  3. Delete the history here.

And this problem will be fixed.

If no application is still being
downloaded. Go to

  1. Phone’s setting >> Application >> All Apps. 
  2. Select Google Play Store from these apps.
  3. And go to the Google Play Store app and delete the ‘cached data’.

 After doing this, your problem will definitely be solved.

11. Contacts Sync issue with G-mail 

If this problem exists and then do this

  1. Delete Gmail id and
    then restart the phone.
  2. Once the phone is on, you have to sync your contacts
    with Gmail again
  3. If it is unable to sync, then go to the setting and check
    whether the option of sync is on or off.
  4. Now if it is on but still cannot sync.
    So add your account on Integrated with the phone. Then you will see that sync
    will start.

But even after doing something, it is
not able to sync. So the last solution is to factory reset your phone.

But keep
in mind that before doing a factory reset, you must back up the data of your
phone. Otherwise, you will lose your complete data, because this data will be

12. What to do if you forget your
phone’s Password or Pattern Lock?

You must have seen many people often forget their passwords after appending Screen/Pattern Lock in their own phone. And when
that phone is taken to a mobile shop or service center they simply 
hard reset your phone.

And also charge a hefty amount of money from you. But you can do the same thing by yourself. There is no need for you to go anywhere for this. 

But before
doing a hard reset, you must backup all the important data of your phone.
Otherwise, after hard reset, all your data will be deleted.

  1. First of all, switch off your phone
    for Hard Reset. 
  2. Then press and hold the power and volume down buttons for a
  3. You will see that the option of hard reset has come in front of you. 
  4. If
    you have a card on your phone, take it out and then do a hard reset. 

13. What to do if the Phone works slowly due to full memory/Storage?

If you store a lot on your
smartphone. Then obviously the memory card is adhered to be full. And over time
when the phone becomes old the storage of the phone fills up and the problem of memory cards also increases.

As the memory card is full, the phone
slows down, hangs and makes the device unable to install any software.

To avoid all
these problems, 

  1. you should go to the settings of the phone, 
  2. choose storage.
  3. There you will see an option to clear the cached memory. 
  4. Clear it up with the tab
    on it.
  5.  But the problem is still not resolving, Then in the backup of the
    phone’s data, reset the phone to the factory.

14. What to do if the phone gets hot while inserting a memory card?

You must have seen many times that
when we insert an old memory card into a new phone. Consequently, the phone gets quite
hot. In such a situation, we run to a service center or format the
memory card.

But if you format the
memory card by connecting it to the computer, it would be great. Before formatting
the memory card from the computer, make sure that it can be formatted on FAT32

And for better performance, you continue the memory card. Then you will find that the memory card is not getting hot when used with the phone.

15. What to do if the phone cannot
connect to a laptop or computer?

In such a situation, when you connect your phone with a computer or laptop some mobile phones do not get connected to it. Therefore to fix this issue make sure that the feature media device
(MTP) is enabled and appears in the notification.

If even being on MTP, the devices are not


  1. You should navigate to the settings and choose About phone.
  2. Here you
    will get the build number. You press on it continuously 4 to 5 times.
  3. After
    pressing, the developer option will be enabled in the settings of your phone. 
  4. Now you will go to Settings again and select the Developers option. 
  5. In this you
    will see the option of USB debugging, you turn it on. Now your phone will start
    connecting with the computer.

16. What to do if the smartphone is
not connecting to Wi-Fi?

You must have noticed many times that
your smartphone is not able to connect with your Wi-Fi.

In such a situation, 

  1. Restart your smartphone and Wi-Fi router once.
  2. Doing this will solve your
  3. But if it still exists, take a backup of your smartphone’s
    data, and do a factory reset the phone.

17. Do this, If the user interface of the phone does not work properly?

A common problem with Android phones
is that the user interface of the phone does not work. 

For this, Simply

  1. You select the app settings, 
  2. then navigate to all apps and select the system UI.
  3. Delete the
    cached memory in it and restart the phone.
  4.  Now your phone will start working

18. What to do if the message
is not being sent?

When you want to send a message from
your phone to someone with ‘Take Tech Message’ or ‘Instant Messaging Apps’. But
your message is not delivering.

Here, the only simple solution is the resend gate with the ‘Resend’ option. If the message is still not going. Thus there is
no other solution other than restarting the phone.

19. Syncing error

If the device is encountering an error while syncing, that is, synchronizing. Hence there is a very simple
solution to this.

First of all, 

  1. Your device has to be connected to the internet
    and secondly through which medium you are synchronizing the device. 
  2. Such as
    Google or Dropbox, they are working well. 
  3. Apart from this, the password you
    have entered is absolutely correct so that you can synchronize easily.

Even after this if there still exists. Delete your account and create it again.

20. Mobile Screen Problem

When someone makes a very
important call and the touch screen of the phone does not
work. In such a situation we all feel angry to throw the handset on the wall, but by doing a quick fix for on your device you can simply fix it.

  1. Many times the problem is solved only by restarting the
  2. But keep in mind of switching off the phone at least for 1 or 2 minutes, 

Also if the screen of your phone is broken then this issue is more prone to occur with users.

Hopefully, you will like the people
“Common Android Smartphone Problems And Solutions”. And you too will definitely
benefit from this simple solution.

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For today, That’s all my dear friends! 
Take care of yourself and your family. Thank

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