All-Party Meeting Shows Solidarity in Wake of Galwan Valley Clash

New Delhi, India: In a display of national unity, opposition parties attending an all-party meeting called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed their unwavering support for the Indian armed forces and the government in the aftermath of the deadly Galwan Valley clash with the Chinese army.

While differences in approach emerged, a common thread of condemnation for China’s “belligerent” act ran through the statements. Leaders like Sonia Gandhi (Congress) pledged complete support for the military and urged the government to maintain regular communication with the opposition and the nation to project a united front.

Economic measures were at the forefront of several suggestions. Mamata Banerjee (TMC) advocated for barring Chinese companies from entering key sectors like telecom, railway, and aviation, while Ram Gopal Yadav (SP) proposed a 300% duty on Chinese goods. Nitish Kumar (JDU) echoed concerns about the influx of cheap, environmentally harmful Chinese products.

Uddhav Thackeray (SS) struck a more assertive tone, emphasizing India’s strength and condemning China’s “betrayal.” He expressed confidence in the government’s ability to respond firmly.

Sharad Pawar (NCP) shared his experience from his time as Defense Minister, highlighting the importance of peaceful dialogue and border demarcation. Sitaram Yechuri (CPI(M)) voiced support for the government’s ongoing diplomatic efforts.

Pinaki Misra (BJD) condemned China’s “cowardly” attack and demanded strong action, echoing the sentiment of nationwide anger against China. He stressed the need for unity and support for the government’s initiatives.

The all-party meeting served as a powerful symbol of India’s collective resolve in the face of aggression. While acknowledging the complexity of the situation, the opposition parties displayed a willingness to work together with the government to safeguard national interests.