Afghan Forces Recapture Kaldar District of Balkh Province from Taliban

Afghan Security Forces: File Photo
Afghan Security Forces: File Photo

According to fresh reports, as fighting continues near the provincial centres in other provinces, the Afghan army regained control of the Kardar area in Balkh. 

According to Tolo News, Kaldar slipped into the hands of the Taliban a month ago and was retaken by the security forces and public uprising forces on Monday. 

The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) successfully controlled the Kardar area from the Taliban after launching military operations, the TV news channel quoted the Ministry of Defense as reporting. 

The ministry stated that about 20 fighters of the Taliban were killed in the operation and dozens of others were injured. Our troops have come a long way. We will work hard to protect civilians Adil Shah Adil, a spokesperson for the governor of Balkh Province, Tolo News quoted.

The channel also quoted General Ajmal Omar Shinwari, spokesperson for the Afghan Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), as saying: “We have conflicts in the 25 provinces pushed by the Afghan army.” Shinwari said that 1,500 Taliban fighters were killed and 800 were also wounded and injured.

Quoting the country’s Ministry of National Defense Tolo News reported that the Afghan security forces regained control of the Saighan and Kahmard areas in Bamyan and Chakhansur in Nimruz

According to the channel’s report, Bamiyan Governor Tahir Zuhaier said: “In an operation that began this morning (Friday), the security forces regained these areas within a short period of time, and the national is  raised back on the districts,”