Top Four Yoga Asanas to Boost Your Immunity

Top Four Yoga Asanas to Boost Your Immunity,Yoga immune system research, Trikonasana,Tadasana,Bhujangasana,Padangushthasana
Top Four Yoga Asanas to Boost Your Immunity

By doing regular yoga, the Immune System can be improved. Immunity itself helps protect us from infection, viral. If our immunity is good, then we can avoid any viral and bacterial infection.

Yoga is a natural way to increase immunity!

Yoga immune system research

 The immune system can be improved by doing regular yoga. Immunity itself helps protect us from infection, viral. If our immunity is good, then we can avoid any viral and bacterial infection. A sedentary lifestyle always causes a weak immune system. 

When the immune system is weak, you are often troubled by colds and fever. Yoga to Increase Immunity can be a better option to increase immunity. Many people find natural ways to increase immunity and curing your immunity using yogic exercise better than eating supplements and all.

Among the many different immunity boosters, Yoga is the most popular and predictive. People, who want to know how to increase immunity in a natural way? There can be no better option than yoga for them. Yoga can act as a natural immunity booster. Here we are telling you about 4 such yoga asanas that can strengthen your immune system.

Do these 4 Yogasanas to improve the immune system.

1. Triangle Pose/ Trikonasana

Regular practice of Trikonasana can strengthen the immune system. In this mudra, the shape of a triangle is made, hence it is called trikonasana. This yoga asana is considered one of the best yoga poses for the immune system. Doing this Yogasana in the morning is considered beneficial. By doing Trikonasana, you can strengthen the immune system.

Benefits of Triangle Pose/ Trikonasana
Image: Triangle Pose/ Trikonasana

How to do Triangle Pose

- Stand upright, create a gap between 3.5 to 4 feet between the two legs.

- Keep the centre point of your right heel in line with the centre of the arch of the left foot.

- Take a deep breath and slowly exhale.

While exhaling, fold the body from the bottom of the hips to the right side.

- Raise your left hand up and touch the ground with the right hand.

- Both hands will form a straight line.

- Place the right hand on the calf, ankle or right foot on the ground.

- With the release of breath, feel the body more relaxed.

- Breathing deeply, leave the body loose.

- Drop the hands into the sides and straighten the legs.

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2. Big Toe Pose/Padangushthasana

Another posture considered beneficial for the immune system is Padangushtha Asana. This asana is also called Big Toe Pose, which helps to pull your muscles behind your legs, your spine, and your neck. Do this basic level hatha yoga on an empty stomach in the morning for at least 30 seconds.

Benefits of Big Toe Pose/Padangushthasana
Image: Big Toe Pose/Padangushthasana

Method of doing Padangushtha Asana

- To perform the Padangushthasana Yoga, first of all, you should spread a yoga mat on the floor and stand upright on it.

- To do this asana, you can also stand in Tadasana posture.

- Keep both your hands and spine straight and keep a distance of at least 6 inches between your two legs.

Now while exhaling, keep the upper part of your body straight and lean down with the hips joint.

- Breathe and raise the torso and straighten your hands with the elbow.

- In this posture, you can stop for 30 to 90 seconds.

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3. Cobra Pose/Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana, also known as Cobra pose, looks like a bulging hood of a cobra. Bhujangasana is part of Suryanamaskar practice. Perform this basic level Ashtanga yoga pose for 15-30 seconds or 5-10 breaths. This can be beneficial for your immune system.

Method of performing Bhujangasana

Benefits of Cobra Pose/Bhujangasana
Image: Cobra Pose/Bhujangasana

First of all, lie on your stomach on the yoga mat, keep the hands on both sides of the head and keep the forehead on the ground.

- During this time keep your feet taut and keep a little distance between them.

- Now bring your palms equal to your shoulders. Then, while taking long deep breaths, try to lift the body up to the navel while pressing towards the ground with your hands.

Stay in this position and try to look towards the sky and stay in this position for a while.

- During this time keep the weight of your body equal on both the hands and keep breathing normally.

Now slowly release your breath and return to your initial state.

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4. Mountain Pose/ Tadasana

You can increase immunity by doing Tadasana regularly. This is such Yoga Asana that can not only provide better health but can also be helpful in stretching the body. Tadasana is also known as mountain pose.

 This Yogasan can be done at any time of the day, but keep in mind that whenever you do this yoga your stomach should be empty. In such a situation, it is advised that it should be done empty stomach after getting up in the morning.

How to do Tadasana

Benefits of Mountain Pose/ Tadasana
Image: Mountain Pose/ Tadasana

- First of all, choose a clean and open space and spread yoga mats.

- Now stand on the yoga mat by straightening the legs and waist.

- During this time, the ankles are joined together

- Keep both your hands upright.

- In the next step, raise the palms by holding them together. The direction of the palms should be towards the sky.

- Breathing slowly, pull the body upward while standing on its toes.

- When the body is completely tanned, try to remain in this posture for a while. Also, keep breathing normally.

- In this state, the entire weight of the body will be on the claws.

- Then release the breath slowly and come to the initial state.

- Repeat this entire process about 8 to 10 times.

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